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This interview is going to be the first of a series of talks with people who have overcome health challenges using lifestyle and dietary methods. It can often be difficult for people who have become unwell and are looking for solutions to visualise the journey ahead of them. Our hope is that these interviews will serve as an inspiration to people at different points in their journey to have the courage to continue knowing that others have taken that path before them.

In this interview, Julie explains:

  • Her experience of being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • The following year being diagnosed with Crohns Disease (1.30)
  • Starting to take control of her health through educating herself and changing her diet (2.00)
  • How her new knowledge helped her find a more suitable consultant to work with (3.15)
  • The thing that has had the biggest impact on her health (5.08)
  • She began to listen to her body during her recover (6.02)
  • How a simple life decision had an immediate effect on her symptoms (8.04)
  • Her 3 Top Tips for people going through their own health struggle (9.58)

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If you know someone who’d like to share their amazing health recovery story with us, please contact info@ancestralhealth.co.uk