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Are you someone who really tries to develop good intentions, good habits and stick to them?And do you still get undermined by cravings?

That dip in energy can be really hard to manage and often if we are being really honest with ourselves, will-power can fail us, often! But, having a proactive strategy in place when those cravings hit can be really powerful even if we are feeling tired, emotional or angry.

So here is a simple trick to keep in mind for the next time a cheeky craving creeps up on you.

No matter what it is you crave, all you need to fight that feeling or urge to reach for the sugar is a little bit of time to wait it out. The weak spot of your craving is that it actually doesn’t have much stamina. BUT YOU DO. You have stamina in abundance! That means, if you can keep it at bay for just 15 minutes, those cravings will often disappear.

Relapse specialist Alan Marlatt describes cravings as waves: they build to a peak, then slowly break up. But you can learn to “surf” them without giving in. Simply knowing that your cravings will dissipate in a mere 15 minutes? After all, most of us can get through 15 minutes of feeling a bit uncomfortable if we know we will not only feel better immediately afterwards, but will also be laying the foundations to help cope and alter our reaction to cravings when they strike.

All you need to know, to be armed and ready for when the next craving is closing in on you:

When you begin to recognise those familiar feelings that indicate you are beginning to crave that instant hit or fix, just set your timer on your phone for 7½ minutes. Now go for a walk. Doesn’t matter where – just walk. When the timer beeps, turn back and walk 7½ minutes home.

If you can’t get outside, just do 15 minutes of something physically active where you are. Even if it means standing at your desk, any movement will do – just keep it up for that magic number.

Right then. Ready to beat those cravings? Just remember: you only need 15 minutes to ensure that you are in control of your cravings and not ruled by the instant fix.