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Dan Trussler M(Ost) PGCE Bsc(Hons)

Daniel graduated from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy in London and has practiced as a registered osteopath for many years, both in the UK and Australia. Whilst working with patients, Dan became overly aware of the limitations that “conventional” medicine posed. Unfortunately, his training in the bodywork art of osteopathy couldn’t fill that gap as there were areas requiring a greater understanding. Therefore, he has expanded his knowledge and skillset to include nutritional evaluations, lifestyle coaching, and Functional Medicine training.

The root cause of his philosophy for diagnosing and treating chronic pain and digestive complaints lies in a comprehensive approach that combines both physical and mental-emotional treatment methods. In addition to utilising these treatments effectively, he also strives to teach patients that their good stomach health is dependent on:

  • A well-functioning autonomic nervous system and a stomach supplemented with proper enzymes
  • A healthy stomach that is pain-free, creating a balanced emotional state in the process
  • A supportive network of relationships with friends, family, and medical practitioners

He is proud to bring his years of osteopathic medical knowledge to his own clinic, Ancestral Health. He is equally honored to be joined by other experienced practitioners to create a team as the one he was recruited to work alongside him.


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