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Ancestral Health

Tiptree Osteopath

Treatment with Dan Trussler at Tiptree Osteopath is effective at putting you in control of your pain. This means quicker recovery, less visits to the clinic and more time spent enjoying a pain free lifestyle.

Your visit to the clinic will begin with a detailed history, where your story will be listened to and you’ll be asked questions to gain an accurate diagnosis of what’s causing your current problem. You’ll then be asked to undress to either your underwear or a pair of shorts and vest top (whichever you feel more comfortable with) and the physical exam involves some simple movements to ascertain what you are able to do and what is limiting your movement currently.

Providing your problem is suitable for treatment (the vast majority of people’s pain is), we then treat you whilst you lie on the treatment table and reinforce this with guidance on exercise and lifestyle advice afterwards.

To learn more, call or text 07402 211808 and connect with our team!

Our Overall Philosophy

  • Treat the whole body for maximal pain relief
  • Offer ongoing and free advice to help reduce further injury and harm
  • Guide mobilisation, strengthening and stabilisation of the injured area

If you have suffered from pain for longer than 6 weeks, you will definitely benefit from the guide that we’ve put together on How to Embrace a Pain Free Life. It’s full of practical tips to help you take more control over your body and therefore the pain you’re experiencing.

Call or text 07402 211808 to connect with our team!

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